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The Dam Inspector

I can’t stand women telling me what to do, and you can call me a sexist pig, because I probably am! But it’s bad enough having a man telling me how to do my job, but when it’s a chick in a suit I just find that too hard to take! So, when this tall feisty looking broad turned up in her flashy outfit claiming to be our new inspector, I knew there was going to be trouble. I’ve worked on this dam for 12 years and suddenly I found myself being lectured on how to do my job by this tall, slim, fresh out of University brunette chick! I couldn’t stand it anymore and I started lecturing her back, telling her just because she had gone to some fancy school and has a large pair of hypnotic tits, it didn’t mean she could tell me what to do! I have the experience and the cock around here, I won’t have her bust my balls anymore! And at that moment she reached out and grabbed my balls with her hand, which took me by surprise! Before you could say ‘health and safety hazard’ she had my pants unzipped and her sweet lady lips wrap around my penis head – maybe it isn’t so bad have a girl around this place! But I guess I was wrong about being the only one with a cock, as she then stood up and dropped down her pants and panties, wielding a large cock of her own in her petite feminine hands. I normally wouldn’t go anywhere near a tranny but she was signing my pay checks and she was one kinky shemale inspector! She took control, spinning me around, bending me over and eating out my ass, ready to be fucked raw! I’ll be honest, I was taking a serious ass pounding and loving it! I was so glad all the other guys had left for the day.. or so I thought.. I then noticed Gay watching us, with his pants undone as he stroked his hard tool..

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Liberty Harkness – Stripy

Here is a great set for all you lucky people to see my mate Liberty Harkness get undressed and watch her play with her horny body and big cock… enjoy!!!

This sexy hung shemale hottie is ready for action and this guy better be ready because she only likes it one way, bareback! Watch this super sexy big cock tranny suck and get sucked before bending this guy over for a raw bareback ass pounding that he will not soon forget.

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Our New Sex Toy

It’s not easy to meet guys in this city, especially when you are two young, hung, adventurous shemales constantly desperate to get fucked! I think we are far too wild and dominant, we always manage to scare guys away.. Jenny was flicking through her favourite porn magazine when she saw an ad for sex toys with immediate delivery, we definitely needed our sex lives sparking into gear and this seemed like the best option, so we made a huge order of the largest and kinkiest items we could find. As soon as we had made the order we just felt in the mood for naughtiness but before we could even strip down to our panties there was a knock at the door. We answered to find a young, handsome delivery boy carrying our bag of new fuck toys; we had no idea how they got here so fast, they really weren’t kidding when they said immediately delivery! Looking through the filthy goodies we were totally turned on and just started ripping off our clothes and making out, all the while the delivery boy just stood and watched, rubbing his growing hard-on. He soon started to striping down and stroking his cock, ready to join in, and then he suddenly hesitated after witnessed our huge, monster cocks! Bad news for him, there was no way he was getting out without emptying his balls first, so we grabbed him and the bag of toys and started fucking. Every hole was filled, with cock and vibrators pumping in and out of every available ass. It was the craziest orgy you could imagine, the stuff fantasies are made of, and we were letting all our sexual frustration out on this young innocent guy! Though he soon got into the swing, sucking, finger, pounding and toy fucking both our holes, getting ready to drench us in his spunk.

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Boudoir Glam


Hey, here is me getting all seductive for a bit of boudoir glam. Not leaving much to the imagination I thought I would keep it sexy and simple, while getting out my anal beads and having a play… Not wearing much means I can get straight down to showing off my body and getting my cock rock hard (just as you like it).

Try the Twin

Bill thought he had the perfect girl. She was a real trophy girlfriend, brown-haired emerald green eyed, all his friends envied him, and every guy they passed in the street couldn’t but stop and stare at the stunning girl on Bill’s arm. The only problem was that his girlfriend wasn’t putting out. Bill knew that his girlfriend had a twin brother who looked just like her, minus the boobs of course. The twin brother was also very feminine looking, he had great potential. So much potential in fact, Bill decided to take some initiative when his girlfriend’s twin brother came to visit. When his girlfriend had to go out and meet some friend’s for diner Bill was told to entertain Sam, her visiting twin. But Bill had other ideas and decided he wanted Sam to entertain him! Bill forced Sam to put on some makeup and a wig which was identical to his sister’s hair. Once made up, Sam was forced to slip into her sexy pink nightgown and put on her used black panties, which had kiss marks all over them. It wasn’t long before Bill noticed the huge bulge Sam’s panties, it was clear Sam enjoyed being dressed up and treated like a girl. Sam didn’t need any encouragement to give Bill a blowjob, as he was playing with himself with the lingerie still on, stroking his stiff cock. Sam then slid the panties down just enough for Bill to get his dick inside Sam’s tight ass and Sam began begging for him to fuck him. Bill very happily obliged, and fucked the shit out of Sam, pummelling him hard and long. Sam soon blew his load and they 69′d each other until they had both emptied their balls completely. After that night Bill had the perfect situation; taking his girlfriend out in the day, then dressing her brother up at night and fucking him all night long.

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More medical role play this week with the sexy, up and coming TS Dom, Kendra Sinclaire who convinces the rookie nurse to let her play doctor. The girls use the medical toys to get in a kinky mood for fucking. The lip spreading tool holds Becky’s pussy open for Kendra’s gloved hand to slip inside. She rubs her g-spot until Becky cums and is ready for her cock. Out from under the panties, comes Kendra’s hard penis and she uses it to probe all the way into Becky’s pussy. The sex is hot, Kendra’s cum shot is nice and thick and both girls have a sexy time exploring each other’s bodies.


Yume Farias destroys guys ass


Yume Farias is a shemale hottie that loves baring it all and getting wild for the camera. Watch as she starts off by teasing and slowly stripping out of her bright yellow bikini,. Then she gets buck wild with a guy, they start off kissing and sucking then she destroys his ass bareback!

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The City of Lurve

If Paris is the city of love then Venice is definitely the city of Lurve, never have me and my tranny lover felt more hot and horny in love than on our holiday in the floating city. We had been flirting and touching each other all day as we walked around and saw the sights, taking pictures and cuddling, but really we just wanted to strip off our clothes and fuck. On a gondola ride through the rivers we were struggling to fight off our passionate sexual urges and as we floated under a dark bridge we suddenly began to make out, tearing away our clothes as we did so. Before the young Italian guy steering our gondola could work out what was going on we both had our pants down and were jerking each other off. Instead of freaking out the young Italian stud simply took his own cock out and began to stroke it, rock hard at the sight of two young shemales fucking in front of him. We kissed, sucked, fingered and fucked each other, putting on a X-rated show as the Italian guy just jerked off and started taking photos off us in hot action. Finally our balls were throbbing and ready to explode and as we got into position to swap cum the Italian beat us too it, and shot his wad of sticky jism in our direction, and seconds later we did the same, covering each other in our lurve juices.

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