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This is some hot hardcore bareback action and that is putting it mildly! This shemale bombshell is wild as a buck when it comes to getting a big cock. Watch her get bent over, legs spread wide open and pounded hard from behind until she is blasted by a huge creamy load.

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Bowling Party Becomes Tranny Orgy


He thought he was the mack daddy bowling with two sexy chicks in mini skirts. His idea changed of what a mack daddy was when he noticed as they were bowling that the two had throbbing dicks that weren’t concealed well in their panties. Before he said anything about them though, he was getting his clothes ripped off by the both of them while their cocks grew as they were pressed up against his body. He was about to become their fuck toy right there at the bowling alley! He got his first taste and feel of what it’s like to have shemale dicks inside of you, as he had one in his mouth and the other slowly sliding into his ass. They passed him around back and forth between them, fucking the hell out of his asshole while shutting him up with their dicks. His mood changed when he realized how hot it was to get plugged by two sexy chicks with dicks, as he sucked them and even tightened his ass around them. When they came, he opened his mouth wide and let them shoot jizz all over his face.

Anime, hentai and toons full of sex-crazed shemales - something not to be missed! presents a two part espionage feature film starring Yasmin Lee, Robert Axel, Marcus Ruhl and Beretta James. Yasmin Lee is the most talented agent for a covert, phantom organization that specializes in stealing world military secrets. Yasmin disguises herself as a nurse aide in order to infiltrate the lab of life-time military prisoner and mad scientist, Dr. Axel.
Dr.Axel’s life sentence is to design the military’s most advance weapon – the Super Soldier – a man who does not need to sleep or eat. A man who can be controlled by memory manipulation – the most advanced and frightening new technology in military science since the A bomb.

Dr. Axel has developed a device that control his soldiers thoughts, implant memories and lessons in a matter of minutes and reorganizes his brain so he does nothing but what he is programmed to do.

Dr. Axel’s techniques are perverse and highly sexual – he likes to watch his man-made soldier fuck women. He likes to fuck what ever Aide is in the room in the same way his soldier is fucking. Yasmin uses this knowledge in her favour and lets Dr. Axel seduce her, bending her over the lab desk and letting him fuck her ass while he watches his soldier do the same in the other room.
The men pound away at their lady’s asses and orgasm huge loads of satisfying, pent up cum.
When Dr. Axel thinks he is done, Yasmin flips him over and reveals her incredible thick, long cock. She spreads his ass and slips inside him, every inch of her cock rocking the depths of him, until she pulls out and releases a large, full load of cum.

Cum drunk and satisfied, Dr. Axel is easily convinced by Yasmin to let her clean the smell of sex and ejaculate up. As soon as he leaves the observation room, the real work begins for Yasmin’s.

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Soon to be a pornstar shemale Geovanna Venus

We have a hot new tgirl treat for you today and her name is Geovanna Venus, now that’s a pornstar name if I’ve ever heard one. Check out this petite young tgirl cutie show off her all natural body with a slow striptease and stroke that amazing tranny cock until she cums.


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It’s the end of the intern season and everyone is begging for their reference letters to be signed. It’s so bad, that Jessy decides to use her power for her own thrills and make her little intern hottie beg with his body instead of his mouth.

She ties him up and reveals her nice hard dick which he does NOT want to suck. But it doesn’t matter what he wants. It matters what she wants and Jessy makes that very clear with her missile dick as she plows his ass and mouth. The cum shots say it all – the big load shoots out of Jessy dick and all over her man!

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Latina shemale Beatriz Andrade filling some asshole

Big cock shemale diva Beatriz Andrade is in bareback action today topping a submissive man. Watch as this shemale puts it on her submissive boytoy rough and bareback. She crams her big cock down his throat and up his ass over and over again until he can’t take anymore!

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Part 2 of “The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals” introduces nineteen year old stunning beauty, Nauana Lima. “The League” is a secret group of beautiful, transsexual women who are hired to punish men in ways they most fear – ass fucking, cum licking and complete loss of control. The women take no Nauana is absolutely vexxing to look at and ruthless as she tops her tied up man. She even does a switch scene and tops from the bottom while he fucks her until she cums. Nuana is a rare beauty who can twist and turn balls, drive her hard cock into her man’s ass and cum a nice bursting load that she rubs all over his face.

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Cock Comparison


For you guys out there that complain about having female bosses, you don’t know what you’re missing. Well, at least what you’re missing if you have a hot shemale boss like I do. She’s always flirting with me throughout the day, and I’m the only one who knows what’s going on under that short skirt. I prefer it that way, because it gets me off! But I’ll let you in on our little trysts. There’s always a big office meeting at 3pm on Thursdays, and that’s when we get our longest fucking in. We sneak off to her place, and my cock starts pulsating once I see her stripping out of her business clothes, because it’s only a matter of time before I get to see and feel her humongous dick. It’s around three times the size of my cock easily, and she always wears these gorgeous stockings that feel so good against my legs and ass when she’s fucking me from behind. My screams may sound like I’m in pain, but I’m in pure bliss when she’s inside my ass, especially when she fills me up with buckets of cum.

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Who Will Save Coxgirl?

When we last left Coxgirl, she was being used as a sex slave by the Evil Headmistress and her futa schoolgirls. The disappearance of Coxgirl has alerted a stronger super hero, Dickwoman. DickWoman is more mature, experienced and is really Auntie Lissa! All evil villains better watch out, DickWoman is upset that Coxgirl is captrued!

Yasmin Pires insane barebacking

Big cock shemale hottie Yasmin Pires is in wild action today. Watch this gorgeous shemale nympho give this straight guy a working over he will not soon forget. All the action is this scene is bareback and trust me when I tell you the sex action is insane!


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